Transform your operations with actionable insights. Our resources go deeper into the world of transportation and logistics; exploring industry trends, providing business tips and tricks, outlining best practices and reviewing customer successes.

Customer Success Story
Learn how Berry & Smith Trucking has realized a variety of measurable benefits through its use of the TruckMate software and related solutions.

Parts Room: Streamline Your Physical Inventory Process

With the new Parts Room app, the parts manager or other employees can use their Android or iOS device to perform a complete physical inventory for the parts room, or narrow the list by bin, part number range or part type. Several filters are available to further streamline the process, including the ability to scan only uncounted parts or parts that show a quantity variance. Users also can scan the part number for lookup in conjunction with an inventory adjustment.

This webinar reviews how to log in and navigate the mobile app, how to do a physical inventory, how to scan parts for inventory and how to adjust inventory.


Exploring Expirations in TMWSuite and How They Can Help or Hurt Your Operations

We have things in our world that expire, but how do we translate that information into something useful. In this webinar, we show you:

  • How to not miss key dates or requirements to keep the fleet running safely.
  • How to allow a dispatcher to override the expiration
  • Two (2) different kinds of expirations that can be assigned to resources
  • Review how expirations can be used to enforce safety requirements and explore how to set up those expirations

No matter where you set the expiration up, they will work in Fuel TMS, TMW Operations and TMWSuite.


Transportation ESP: Turning Your Data Into Predictive Intelligence

Get the deep business insight you need for critical decision-making, to spot opportunities and to support continuous improvement. 

"Big data" is great, but most of the time it has you looking through the rear windshield at what has happened. What is most beneficial is the ability to look through the forward windshield and predict what is coming ahead so you can make changes and adjustments; making your business more efficient and profitable in the short and long terms. This session will explore how to take the descriptive nature of data and turn it into a powerful predictor of your outcomes.

In this webinar, we help you understand the "Ladder" of Business Intelligence (BI); how to go from "data" to "information" to "predictive analytics"'; and how predictive analytics can change the transportation industry.


From Startup to Superstar: Freight Brokerage Success Methods for Optimization and Scaling

Learn how to grow your freight brokerage and 3PL business including saving on shipping costs, improving margins, faster customer onboarding as well as providing cost-saving services. Empowering and enabling freight brokers the ability to transform their businesses into successful 3PLs, supported by the integration between Trimble Transportation and 3GTMS.

In this webinar, we cover market drivers and industry trends towards brokerage(s) needing to be like 3PLs; measuring existing operations so you can track where your business needs to go; and value-add items for growing a 3PL business.


The Move to Omni-Channel Freight Service

The increase in online retailing has placed new demands on the traditional supply chain. An increasing amount of product is being shipped from manufacturer or distributor directly to the customer, and with this shift comes demands for customer visibility of product throughout the supply chain. As a result, freight carriers are broadening their services to include final mile delivery service. These companies are adding a final mile software component to their TMS to help them meet the planning, dispatching, and visibility challenges. What should a company look for when choosing final mile software, and what pitfalls should they avoid?

Customer Success Story
Superior Bulk Logistics easily tracks warranties, prepares claims and credits recovered costs to recover $60,000 in the first month of using TMT warranty management.

The Silver Lining: Uncover the Cloud

Cirrus. Cumulus. Stratus. Just as there are many classifications for clouds in weather, knowing the types and function of cloud hosting in business are key to consistent, successful outcomes. From small trucking companies to large multi-national logistics companies, cloud networks provide cost-effective hosting solutions.

This webinar covers private, public, and hybrid cloud differences; what is a SaaS, PaaS, IaaS?; and price vs. value.


Improving Intermodal Operations with Process Automation

Do you need to make your intermodal operations more efficient, accurate and profitable? Process automation can improve even the most complex intermodal situations. Using the right automations can help you integrate external data sources and services with internal dispatch, planning and financial systems for greater business efficiency and visibility.

We will explore common industry complexities with intermodal operations and review how TruckMate solves these solutions through automation. We will review solutions to help with the complexities of chassis management, rail billing and container tracking.


Making the Move to TMW.Suite

Please join us to review the process for transitioning from TMWSuite to TMW.Suite including a brief demonstration of TMW Operations in action. 

This webinar covers:

  • What is the process and requirements to transition from TMWSuite to TMW.Suite
  • What are the new features available in TMW.Suite
  • What are the advantages of using TMW.Suite