Freight Visibility

360-Degree Supply Chain Visibility

As shippers are faced with shrinking capacity, they’re seeking more accurate and timely reporting on freight throughout the entire shipment lifecycle. Trimble’s Peak Visibility freight visibility technology puts power back into the carrier’s hands, providing real-time, 360-degree views for an end-to-end solution.

Peak Visibility is our enterprise-level information platform designed to give you real-time data and analytics across your global supply chain. Now you’ll know exactly where inventory is in the supply chain not once or twice a day, but in near real-time. By exposing the blind spots you didn’t even know you had, Peak Visibility technology empowers you to win new customers, manage complex demands, and improve profitability.

Provide On-Demand Data to Customers 

Peak Visibility is designed for you to be able to share what you want with your customers and any B2B or B2C user in the supply chain. We aggregate the data from your TMS, ERP, or WMS with ours and then help you deliver it right to your customers. Peak Visibility also provides order exception management, up-to-date shipment notifications, real-time proactive customer communication, desktop views and mobile-responsive full detail views.

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