Defensive and Offensive Analytics Within Reach

True business intelligence about your operations and business health provides the deep insight required for critical decision-making, to spot opportunities and to support continuous improvement.

Trimble Reveal brings evidence-based intelligence to every decision- maker in your business... and lets them find what they need with just a few clicks.

That includes the ability to leverage Defensive Data Analytics in order to run your business more efficiently while minimizing downside risk. Essentially, you use Defensive Analytics to run the business as you:

  • Understand “what happened and why” to meet and exceed operational goals.

  • Reduce general operating expenses and improve quality by making evidence-based decisions.

  • Trend and forecast what will happen to your operations and take control of your business.

At the same time, it offers the opportunity to use Offensive Analytics to design strategies that will improve your competitive position and support short- and long-term business objectives. Use Offensive data strategy to improve competitive position and profitability, by:

  • Responding rapidly to competition and changing market conditions.

  • Improving revenue through cross-selling, strategic pricing and customer acquisition.

  • Innovating products, services and processes.


Focus on solving business problems rather than on deploying technology with actionable business intelligence and analytics on a hosted platform. For one monthly subscription cost, Reveal SaaS delivers everything you need – clean data input into a data model with prebuilt calculations and pre-configured scorecards & dashboards – at far less cost than in-house data wrangling.

Trimble Reveal SaaS delivers access to the same data management, business intelligence and analytics used by the most sophisticated fleets, without the big investment in software, hardware, and IT. So you can improve your business using evidence, not anecdotes. No matter what your business is.


When you need more power to harness your data, turn to Trimble Reveal on-premise solutions. Typical BI and SQL Server Reporting solutions are not exclusively designed for the transportation industry and entail multiple layers of complexity. Often the cost to implement far outweighs the price of licensing. With Reveal On-Premise you can depend on a transportation-based model that is intuitive to the user and useful to your company.

Take the complexity and excess time out of report building; remove the pain associated with accessing content from multiple systems; and dispense with configuring and maintaining dashboards--all while keeping your costs under control. Control of your data and how it is handled with a data warehouse solution gives you more agility, speed, bandwidth, accuracy and efficiency while creating business growth opportunities.

Solve Problems with Actionable Business Intelligence

Trimble Reveal SaaS and On-Premise solutions will help you reduce operating expenses and increase revenue through driver, fleet and fuel optimization. With Reveal, improve service quality and innovate across the board.

That makes Reveal your “one-stop data shop” for:

  • Analysis-ready data
  • Models
  • Measures and calculations
  • Reports
  • Scorecards
  • Dashboards
  • Geographic maps and more.

Visualize Your Potential Impact

With the capability to span multiple sources of data for business insight, Visual Analytics delivers powerful business intelligence for transportation business challenges. Visual Analytics rips the veil of complexity away from continuously improving your business performance and profitability and puts solutions in the hands-on non-technical users.

With Trimble’s Visual Analytics you can put business problems in the hands of your users by allowing them to create visual dashboards from their enterprise data without needing to know SQL or involve IT resources.

Reveal SaaS helps you focus on solving business problems with access to data management, business intelligence and analytics.

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Customer Success Stories

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